"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Darlaina Rose


Darlaina Rose, PC is a Health and Well-Being coach and Emotion Code Practitioner.  She is the CEO of Darlaina Rose Coaching and the Founder of Just the Gurlz- A Women’s Empowerment Community. A best-selling Author.  Her book is titled How I got Here -My Holistic Healing Journey. She will teach you how your emotions are the basis for YOUR disease.  Then how to incorporate holistic protocols, nutrition, and movement to your life to resolve what's ailing you

(Pictured Left: Atiya Goldsmith of StopCorporateShenanigans and Jahmeel Kendal of Move Philly)


Why Holistic vs Pharmaceuticals.  That's easy side effects and the potential for every pharmaceutical to be the gateway drug to another drug.  When you come to attack an chronic or terminal illness from a holistic and alternative approach, there is a greater chance that there will be a resolution to the illness.  PERMANENTLY!

Pictured Below: LCA Family:Debbie, Rasheena, Debbie V, Me and Linda. Love each and every one of you. Darlaina Rose

Why Holistic Health?


Together, let's discover the amazing impact of living a Holistically Healthy Life! Let's embark on a journey that will put you on a path to longevity, clarity, healing and elevation!


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